Katherene Watkins

Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Total Care Connections, Katherene Watkins brings a profound commitment and a wealth of expertise to the heart of our operations. With five years at the helm of our company, her story is one of dedication, visionary leadership, and an unyielding passion for excellence in home care services. Katherene’s journey with us began five years ago in the lively Phoenix, Arizona area, where her remarkable talent quickly became apparent. She stepped into the role of Branch Manager, showcasing her impressive capacity for steering operations towards success. Under her watchful eye, our teams flourished, as did the quality of care we provided. In June 2022, Katherene’s path led her to even greater responsibility as she ascended to the position of Executive Director.

With over 500 employees looking up to her, she embraced the challenge of running the company’s operations, bringing both her seasoned insight and her fervent dedication to the wellbeing of our clients and patients.Her professional tapestry is rich, woven through a decade of meaningful roles before her tenure with us. A ten-year legacy with LHC Group stands out; here, Katherene honed her skills, navigating roles from Account Manager to Program Manager and ultimately Business Manager. Throughout her time in Washington and Tennessee, her leadership was defined by an unmistakable drive and an innate ability to inspire trust and excellence in her teams.In her current role, Katherene continues to pioneer advancements in home care, focusing on both the grand tapestry of our agency’s mission and the fine threads of individual patient care. A true leader at heart, she is the steady hand guiding Total Care Connections to new heights, all while ensuring the delivery of compassionate, top-tier care remains our unwavering mission.
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