Dani Stringer

Director of Nursing

Danielle Stringer is the dynamic Director of Nursing at Total Care Connections, a beacon of innovation and excellence within the healthcare community. Since joining the company in 2012, Danielle has been instrumental in the creation and success of the private nursing program, a pivotal service that has significantly enhanced the caliber of care not only within the organization but also across the industry.
Holding an extraordinary record, Danielle became the youngest nurse practitioner in the United States when she graduated with her Master’s Degree from Arizona State University at the age of 18. Her expertise is not only vast but also specialized, particularly in the realms of pediatrics and pediatric mental health, making her an invaluable asset to the field and a trusted authority on matters of child health and wellbeing.
Beyond her substantial contributions to nursing, Danielle is a cornerstone of Total Care Connections’ real estate ventures. She displays an impressive acumen in managing the company’s real estate portfolio, skillfully handling site selection, property management, and guiding construction projects. Her multidimensional role showcases her versatility and ability to lead with clarity and innovation.
Danielle’s balanced blend of sharp clinical knowledge, compassionate patient care, and strategic business management solidifies her role as a linchpin at Total Care Connections. Under her leadership, the company continues to ascend as a paradigm of superior care and thoughtful expansion in service and space alike.
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