Elizabeth Dyckman

Director of Human Resources

At Total Care Connections, Elizabeth Dyckman stands at the vanguard of our Human Resources Department. Since planting her roots with TCC in 2015, Elizabeth’s journey from passionate part-timer to Director of Human Resources mirrors the growth and forward motion that she inspires in our workforce every day.
Elizabeth’s transition to TCC was a leap from her substantial tenure at the University of Arizona, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the intricacies of administrative and human resource management. It didn’t take long for her to shine in her new environment, quickly proving herself instrumental in our administrative wing.
With intuition and savvy, Elizabeth took on the mantle of HR Manager, where she gracefully managed the burgeoning needs of a rapidly expanding organization. She showed a particular genius for navigating the complex interplay of employee welfare and organizational strategy, managing all with a sense of fairness and an eye for the big picture.
Her leadership was pivotal as our HR department evolved, effortlessly stepping into the role of Director as we stretched across state lines. In her directorship, Elizabeth has become the touchstone for all things HR, ensuring our practices are not only compliant but also supportive, nurturing, and empowering for every employee under the TCC banner.
Her academic accolades, including specialized training in payroll and HR law and completing the prestigious Human Resources executive program at the University of Arizona, manifest as a deep-seated knowledge that she wields with an expert touch. This foundation, coupled with her practical wisdom, make her a linchpin in our leadership team and a cherished advisor to our staff.
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