Daniel Stringer


Daniel Stringer, the visionary CEO of Total Care Connections, epitomizes entrepreneurial drive and compassionate leadership. Since founding the company in 2009, Daniel’s relentless pursuit of excellence and care has fueled its expansion, now delivering top-tier home care services to communities across the Southwest.

Daniel’s innovative thinking and profound local impact were recognized in 2013 when he received the prestigious “40 Under 40” award. This distinguished him as an inspirational leader transforming the field. Not resting on his laurels, Daniel went on to earn the 2018 Small Business Leader of the Year title, lauding his ability to rally his team around a shared commitment to quality care and sustainable growth.

Culminating these accolades is Total Care Connections’ impressive seven-year run on the INC 5000 list. This remarkable achievement celebrates the company’s financial success but also Daniel’s enduring leadership philosophy. By setting the standard for compassionate, reliable care, Daniel has solidified Total Care Connections as a trusted community pillar and industry leader. As the company continues to grow, his vision and drive fuel its pursuit of excellence in serving client needs.

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